Fields of expertise​

Want to feel like you are on Holiday every day, give PJC Pool Services the opportunity to build or renovate your swimming pool. We specialize in new pools, renovations and all pool repairs, salt water chlorinators, pump and filters, heat pumps,solar heating and Ozone water treatment. We have an experienced team waiting to assist you with your dream pool. Contact us today for a quotation you can`t resist

Full Installations

As a pool installer, we help the client select a location for their pool, dig a hole, and create a frame. We do full installations for Pre-moulded fiberglass shell pools and full installation of concrete pools. With concrete pools installations the client can choose the shape, size and dept of the pool. We also give and additional option to create water features on all concrete pool installations.


Marbelite is a coloured finishing plaster with a cement base used for coating concrete or gunite pool surfaces. Once installed, the material creates a marbled-looking surface after water is added to the pool, increasing the attractiveness of the pool while adding to its value.

UV-C Tech Ozone

This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C means you can have a low-chlorine pool! With this Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C unit in your pool system you can keep your pool water fresh, crystal-clear and above all hygienically clean. What is ozone? Ozone is oxygen (O3). This ozone atom O3 destroys and oxidizes molds, bacteria and viruses, also called micro organisms. After the ozone has done his job it doesn’t leave any by-products in the pool because it revert back to oxygen. Ozone does not only destroy micro organisms, it also destroys cosmetics, urine, perspiration, body oil and creams.

Suction Leaks

A suction side air leak is most commonly indicated by air under the pump lid. In the case of a really bad suction air leak you will see a lot of air and the water will be splashing around under the pump lid. Or the pump wont even be able to suck water, only air. In a minor case you will just see a tiny stream air bubbles under the pump lid. And in some instances you will see air bubbles come back to the pool through the return jets. In either of these cases the pump is basically being starved for water and this can cause many other problems such as the pump over heating and it needs to be fixed.​

Fiberglass Linings

The fiberglass lining of an existing concrete/marbalite pool is a method of resurfacing and repairing old and/or problem pools which may be cracked, leaking, rough, porous and stained. In essence by installing a fiberglass lining over your existing damaged pool surface we actually build a new fiberglass pool inside your existing pool.

Sand Changes

What is Pool Filter Sand? Dead bugs. Bacteria. Algae. Your pool filter traps these things so they can’t hang around making the water cloudy or getting swimmers sick. The filter media is the stuff that grabs those contaminants. In this case, sand is that media.

Filters and pumps

There are a few reasons why the pump motor won’t turn causing a humming sound. The starting capacitor has failed The start switch has failed A damaged pump seal has allowed water into the motor which has caused the bearings to fail Debris has got caught between the impeller and the diffuser and the impeller is stuck.

Solid Pool Covers

Advantages of PVC Swimming Pool Covers. 1.Increase water temperature. 2.Safety. 3.Water saving as evaporation decreases up 98%. 4.Protects your pool from debris, leaves and dirt – less cleaning. 5.Easy to use. 6.Less chemicals required. 7.Less electricity used as pool need not run for long periods

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